Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas (2024)

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An Afternoon Tea isn’t complete without savory bites. Along with tea sandwiches, scones, clotted cream, preserves, and tea cakes, a well-rounded Afternoon Tea serves a smidgen of savory bites as well.

Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas (1)

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The ritual of Afternoon Tea, as you likely know, began when Anna, the 7th duch*ess of Bedford and a close friend of Queen Victoria, complained of “having that sinking feeling” during the late afternoon. She needed something small, just enough to satisfy that in-between time, before dinner.

Thank you, Anna, duch*ess of Bedford, for this lovely ritual.

We’ve found the most beautiful Afternoon Tea Savory Recipes, most of which are easy, with make-ahead tips you’ll want to note for your next Afternoon Tea.

Whether that be for two or a gathering.

There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.

Henry James

Savory Recipes for Afternoon Tea

Offering guests a selection of savory recipes for afternoon tea is a delightful way to share teatime. Look for recipes for tea sandwiches, you may like to take a look at our post, Easy Make Ahead Tea Sandwiches for more ideas.

It’s also nice to offer savory pastries with light but flavorful fillings and toppings. Cucumber, vegetables and seafood as always popular.

Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas (2)

How to Serve Savory Recipes for Afternoon Tea

In the 19th century, the three-tiered tea tray became a convenient way and space-saving way to serve afternoon tea. of offering afternoon tea. It would have been set near the center of the table surrounded by teapots, cups, bowls, and spreads.

In early years, the top tier was reserved for scones, the middle plate held sweets like petit* fours, and the bottom tier was for tea sandwiches. Guests would serve themselves from the bottom tier to the top.

Today, “the accepted rule of thumb generally remains that the food is served from the bottom tier up. This emphasis on course order makes etiquette easy, as well as provides the aesthetic benefit of a full top tier throughout tea.”

Imagination and creativity now replace some of the ideas held for savories in customized arrangements best suited to the gathering.

For instance, the savory tier can combine tea sandwiches, quiches, pastries, and other savories too.

While the tiered tray makes serving tea offerings easy, tea trays can be a pedestal arrangement of a dinner plate, salad plate, and bread-and-butter plate or like-sized plates easily slid into position in a wrought-iron serving rack.” The beauty of tea trays is that it gives food height, saves space and gives a “graceful nod to 19th-century tradition.”

Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites


Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas (3)

Mini Salmon Croquette Canapes

Photo Credit:www.victoriamag.com

“Lemon juice and dill provide subtle complements to the mild taste of salmon. Coated in bread crumbs and fried in hot oil, ourMini Salmon Croquette Canapéshave a pleasing crunch atop French-bread crostini. A topping of citrus aïoli unites the hors d’oeuvres for an experience in flavor and texture.”


Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas (4)

Simple Ham Salad: Quick and Delicious

A simple ham salad recipe elevated to incredible with the addition of a few unique ingredients. And is utterly delicious. Ready in 10 minutes, it's a salad you'll make all season!


Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas (5)

Cucumber Canapes with Dilled Butter

Photo Credit:www.teatimemagazine.com

“Enjoy these simple yet delicious Cucumber Canapés with Dilled Butter at your next tea.


Sweet Pea and Leek Tartlets

Photo Credit:www.victoriamag.com

"OurSweet Pea and Leek Tartletsare delicious alone or as an accompaniment to a savory sampling. Here, goat cheese blends with a medley of sautéed herbs and vegetables—tarragon, parsley, sweet peas, and leeks—all baked in a flaky pastry shell. A fresh sprig adds a lively finishing touch."


Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas (7)

Cherry Tomato Tartlets

Light and Fresh, these Cherry Tomato Tartlets are a perfect savory for Afternoon Tea.


Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas (8)

Avocado-Egg Salad Canapes

Photo Credit:www.teatimemagazine.com

“Fresh dill and a hint of Dijon mustard give these Avocado-Egg Salad Canapés extra flavor.”


Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas (9)

Easy Mini Quiche Recipe

Homemade Mini Quiche is so incredibly easy to make, you'll find yourself skipping the freezer section of your market. Delicious party food, teatime snack (or coffee break too), this recipe shows you how simple it is to make 3 different mini quiche varieties in one mini muffin tin.


Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas (10)

Deliciously Easy Asparagus and Cheese Mini Tarts

"These easy asparagus and cheese mini tarts make a beautiful addition to Afternoon Tea. Its pungent, herbaceous flavor partners so well with cheese and with store-bought pastry, it’s minutes in the making."


Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas (11)

Salmon Frittatas

Photo Credit:www.teatimemagazine.com

“Fresh tarragon,new potatoes,shallots, baby green peas, and Gruyèrecheese gives theseSalmon Frittatas plenty of flavor.”


Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas (12)

Bruschetta Canapes

Photo Credit:www.victoriamag.com

"Bringing a taste of Rome to the offerings are Bruschetta Canapés, savory triangles topped with a seasoned Campari tomato mixture."


Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas (13)

Chinese Green Salad Baskets

Photo Credit:www.teatimemagazine.com

“These Chinese Green Salad Baskets full of bright and lively flavor.”


Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas (14)

Shrimp-Tapenade Canapes

Photo Credit:www.teatimemagazine.com

“TheseShrimp-Tapenade Canapés make excellent finger foods for any occasion.” Or, to make it really simple, use store-bought tapenade and crackers.


Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas (15)

Lemon-Lime Scallop Canapes

Photo Credit:www.teatimemagazine.com

“These zesty Lemon-Lime Scallop Canapés bring an excellent citrus flavor to any tea.”


Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas (16)

Ham, Corn, and Chive Crustless Quiche

Photo Credit:www.teatimemagazine.com

"A crustless quiche like this Ham, Corn, and Chive Crustless Quiche is a perfect addition to the savory course when one of your guests has a gluten allergy."


Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas (17)

Summer Squash Tartlets

Photo Credit:www.teatimemagazine.com

"Squash and zucchini have never looked prettier than when sliced into ribbons and rolled up to form the rosettes that top the pine nut filling of these savory tartlets."


Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas (18)

Easy Crustless Quiche with Bacon, Cheese and Spinach

This Crustless Quiche with Bacon, Cheese, and Spinach is an easy, delicious and simple quiche made healthier and low carb without a crust. Much like our always popular Bacon, Cheese, and Spinach Quiche.


Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas (19)

Garam Masala Grilled Chicken & Black-Eyed Pea Canapes

Photo Credit:www.teatimemagazine.com

"A tasty combination of green grapes, Labneh, chicken, black-eyed peas, and fresh herbs sit atop a rice cracker in Garam Masala Grilled Chicken & Black-Eyed Pea Canapés."


Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas (20)

Easy Bacon, Cheese and Spinach Quiche

This Easy Bacon, Cheese, and Spinach Quiche recipe is familiarly delicious and simply executed with a mere 10 minutes or less of prep.


Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas (21)

Smoked Salmon Canapes

Photo Credit:www.southernladymagazine.com

"These Smoked Salmon Canapés are perfect additions for spring and summer menus."


Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas (22)

Easy Asparagus Quiche Recipe

Easy Asparagus Quiche recipe begins with a premade crust and is filled with fresh spring asparagus, green onions, savory bacon, and shredded Gruyère cheese. A simple but perfect brunch recipe.


Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas (23)

Salmon Quiche with Spinach, Dill, and Mozzarella

Whether you’re baking forbrunch,afternoon tea, or simply a gathering of friends, thisSalmon Quiche with Spinach, Dill and Mozzarellais a treat your guests will love. It is light, creamy and custardy with the seafood and savory flavors we all love. It is also so easy to make, and so pretty to serve!


Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas (24)

Easy Broccoli Cheddar Quiche

This Broccoli Cheddar Quiche is an easy, utterly delicious treat for brunch, teatime, or even light dinner. Creamy, custardy, and delicious.


Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas (25)

Easy Classic Spinach Quiche

This easy Classic Spinach Quiche, in the tradition of Quiche Florentine, is a soft and custardy quiche that's simple to make, utterly delicious, and perfect for brunch or tea.


Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas (26)

Salmon and Fennel Tartlets

Photo Credit:www.teatimemagazine.com

“The rich flavor found in these Salmon and Fennel Tartlets make them an excellent contender for your teatime favorite.”


Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas (27)

Italian Spinach-Artichoke Crostini

Photo Credit:www.teatimemagazine.com

“A taste of Tuscany comes right to the table in theseItalian Spinach-Artichoke Crostini.”

Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Recipes and Ideas

For elegant, easy, and delicious savory finger foods to occupy the bottom tier or your tea server. For placement of foods on a 3-Tier serving platter, see our “How to Serve an Afternoon Tea.”

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Easy Afternoon Tea Savory Bites: Recipes and Ideas (2024)


What savory products could be served at afternoon tea? ›

Fill the table with classics such as pork pies, Scotch eggs and sausage rolls, and add pickles, chutneys and salad for colour. For a tasty twist on traditional flavours, why not try our Pork & Pickle Pies?

What 4 foods are included in afternoon tea? ›

There aren't any rules when it comes to the food, but a standard afternoon tea menu comprises a tier of sandwiches, a tier of cakes and one of scones or teacakes. But you could also throw in pastries, petit*-fours or biscuits. Don't wear yourself out by taking on too many ambitious bites.

What savory food goes well with tea? ›

If you google "tea savoury course" you'll find loads of suggestions and inspiration. Savoury scones, mini pies, hand pies, mini quiches, finger sandwiches (open and closed), mini tortieres, mini pasties, puff pastry tarts... So many things that are small, one to two bite savoury items that are eaten out of hand.

What are three rules for afternoon tea? ›

Of course, never take a drink of your tea without removing the spoon first, and please never, ever sip from the spoon. Take small, quiet sips of your tea. Do not blow on the tea if it is too hot. When you are not drinking tea, place the cup on the saucer.

What are three kinds of foods typically served at afternoon tea? ›

The Perfect Afternoon Tea Menu
  • English Breakfast Tea.
  • Egg mayonnaise, cucumber, and smoked salmon sandwiches, afternoon tea favourites.
  • Freshly Baked Scones.
  • Delicious Strawberry topped cakes.
  • Scone with sweet jam and thick cream.
Aug 8, 2022

What is a typical afternoon tea menu? ›

All the foods and beverages on our classic tea menu should be recognizable to the over 25% of Americans with British ancestry as well as expat Brits around the globe. Iconic finger sandwiches, scones, clotted cream, little tarts and buttery cookies are all on the blue print.

What are examples of savoury dishes? ›

Savory Dishes
  • Chicken Breasts With Poblano Sauce. Nestle Toll House. ...
  • Cherry Berry Cheesecake Pie. Nestle Toll House. ...
  • Italian Vegetable Creamy Fettuccine. Nestle Toll House. ...
  • Heartland Vegetable Bake. Nestle Toll House. ...
  • South-of-the-Border Chicken & Rice Bake. Nestle Toll House. ...
  • Pepper Jack Cheesy Mac. Nestle Toll House.

What is a good savory food? ›

Examples of savory foods include roasted chicken, grilled vegetables, pasta with garlic and olive oil, cheese and charcuterie boards, and savory pies like quiche – there are even more!

What kinds of foods would a savory meal contain? ›

Some examples of savory foods are:
  • grilled cheese.
  • pizza.
  • burgers.
  • chili.
  • loaded veggie quesadillas.
  • mac and cheese.
  • broccoli soup.
  • hummus toast with tomatoes.
Jun 27, 2016

What do ladies wear to afternoon tea? ›

Think ruffles, timeless silhouettes and any fun print or pattern you can find! I also recommend light and bright colours for your tea party. If you are having afternoon tea in a warmer season, maybe opt for a cotton or linen dress. If it's cold where you are, then maybe velvet or tweed will be more appropriate.

How to eat finger sandwiches at afternoon tea? ›

One must eat the sandwiches first, and with fingers not cutlery. Then the scones – they should still be warm.

How many items per person for afternoon tea? ›

roughly four little sandwiches per person (2 or 3 kinds); 1 average or 2 small scones: always one with cream and jams/honey; sometimes also one savoury variation. 1 or 2 pieces of cake/pastry (if 2, one rich, one simple) a few salad and fruit garnishes: lettuce, cherry tomatoes, celery, cucumber, strawberries, etc…

What food items that were traditionally served at high tea in the past? ›

Sandwiches were customarily filled with ingredients such as cucumber, egg, cress, fish paste, ham, and smoked salmon. The dessert portion of afternoon tea often featured scones with whipped cream and jam, as well as cakes and pastries such as Battenberg cake, fruit cake or Victoria sponge.

Is tea sweet or savoury? ›

Grassy and vegetal notes can be just what you need, but a majority of intense tea cravings are related to deep malty or nutty tastes, notes of pastry and baked goods, even chocolate. The savory side of the spectrum generally tends towards sweeter rich flavors, simply because tea is naturally very sweet.

How do you arrange food for afternoon tea? ›

Afternoon tea as we think of it now is usually served on a three tier platter. Many restaurants and hotels will fill the tiers with tarts, finger sandwiches, and small iced cakes. They may even serve soup and salad on the side, along with a scone and cream.


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