Cait C ASMR - Bio, Personal & Channel Info (2024)


Cait C ASMR - Bio, Personal & Channel Info (1)

Who is Cait C ASMR?

Cait C ASMR (real name Caitlin Cusack) is a Chicago based ASMR Artist who creates real person, make up and roleplay ASMR video content.

Her ASMR content will help you chill out and maybe even sleep.

She has over 14k subscribers and more than 2m channel views from her 60+ videos.

She started her channel in August 2021 but has recently been adding a lot more regular content.

She has done a number of great collabs with KatieASMR, Ivy B ASMR and Mad P ASMR.

Her ASMR triggers to give you tingles include pat downs, hair brushing, make up, medical exams, brushing, cranial nerve exam, scalp exams and rain noises.

ps Cait ASMR is here! – no C!

About Us

Hi, I am Peter & I have been watching & writing about ASMR videos for over 10 years. I help you find the best ASMRtists so you can relax and sleep. Currently I really enjoy Reiki ASMR videos. Our 2024 Annual ASMR Survey Results here:

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Cait C ASMR Personal Information

Cait C ASMR real name is Caitlin Cusack

She live in Chicago, Illinois, USA

She is an actor, writer and artist and does modelling and voiceovers

She has a twin sister called Cardinal

She has 2 cats

She has a partner called Walter!

One of her favorite songs by No Montana is Bite

She graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2020 and has a BA in Acting and a minor in Fiction Writing. Well done Cait C!

Cait C ASMR social channels details

Cait C ASMR (caitlin.cusack) has an Instagram account here where she posts some ASMR info but mostly personal stuff.

She also is on Facebook here but you need an invite to see her content

And she also has a wish list here – help her out if you can!

Similar ASMR Artists to April Cait C ASMR

If you like Cait ASMR here are a couple of similar ASMRtists:

Katie ASMR – oddball, goofy and funny – does collabs with Cait C!

Ivy b ASMR – one of the best soft voices in ASMR and friends with Cait C – has done a few ‘hands & feet’ exam videos

Cait C ASMR - Bio, Personal & Channel Info (2024)


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