8 Things to Talk About on Facebook Live ⋆ Meg Brunson (2024)

We've previously explored the reasons why video (especially LIVE video) is important for businesses. So, why aren't more businesses going Live regularly? The biggest objection I hear from my clients is that they don't know what they would talk about. Discover 8 things to talk about on Facebook Live with me today!

8 Things to Talk About on Facebook Live ⋆ Meg Brunson (1)

Are you one of the business owners who gets flustered and confused when trying to decide what you would talk about on Live Video?

Consider these 8 Topics for Your Facebook Live Broadcast:

1.) Hot Topics

Share what's on your mind or in the news! Hot topics are things that are getting people talking. You can look at Facebook's Trending Topics, Twitters Trending Hashtags, or keep an eye on conversations happening among your friends.

CAUTION: Tread lightly around very hot topics, like politics. There is a fine-line between sharing an opinion to generate engagement, and going too far. Remember that any opinions you share can impact your business for a long time to come. Think through your opinions carefully before broadcasting them live to ensure they are aligned with your personal and business goals.

2.) Q&A

Answer questions from fans. People love to receive 1:1 attention and have their questions acknowledged and answered. You may choose to answer questions live, so video viewers can ask questions in the comments, and you can answer them in real time… or, you can collect questions ahead of time.

NOTE: If you are new to Live Video, I would recommend collecting questions in advance. Often, viewership is low the first time(s) you go Live, so you will want to have content on hand.

3.) Breaking News

Comment on the day's events. If you discover something new and exciting, and go Live to share it with the world, you'll have a great opportunity to get some engagement and traffic – people always want to know the latest and greatest before everyone else – and if you are the one that has that breaking story, share it!

TIP: You may know that I recommend people go Live on a schedule. Meaning, the same day/time every week. I still think that is important. BUT, if you have breaking news to share – break it! Go Live unscheduled and as needed, but keep your standing commitment as well.

4.) Live With ___

Bring a friend into your live broadcast as it happens. Conducting an interview on live is a win-win. The interview gust will appreciate the exposure to your fan base, you get to be the person “in the know” who shares that info with the world, and of course drive engagement on your Facebook Business Page!

5.) Performance

What skills do you have that others enjoy watching? These are perfect things to do Live!

  • Play an original song
  • Rehearse a play scene
  • Practice your sport
  • Sneak peak at your art/craft

REMEMBER: This does NOT have to be something related to your business. A big purpose of Live video is to humanize your brand/business – let your viewers get to know YOU in a new and exciting way!

6.) Behind the Scenes

Turn the camera to the scenery around you and let events unfold. Have you ever been in a room with a one-way mirror and wondered what was on the other side? You're not the only one! People are curious! They want to know what real life looks like. Take a tour of your office, or introduce some of the support staff that your audience doesn't typically engage with. Are you a work-at-home mom (like me!)? Share some sneak peaks at your life! Not just the picture perfect branding that you've built for yourself online – the real life stuff!

7.) Watch-With

Watch your favorite show/movie/event/Live stream with your audience. Share your thoughts and have real-time conversations with other people watching the same thing!

WARNING: Facebook is really big on protecting intellectual property rights. Do not stream any content that is not yours. Do not stream a movie or music, for example.In terms of music, Facebook is known to delete broadcasts that have music playing in them if it believes that you do not own the rights to the music. It's always best to avoid including any music in your broadcasts.

8.) Demo

Teach people how to cook, play music, learn about current events & more. This is similar to “performance” above, however in this case you'll be showing people HOW to do something, not just doing it yourself. You also may choose to try a new product or service live. This is a great strategy for bloggers or someone reviewing a product – open the box, capture the real-time and raw reactions.

That's It. No More Excuses. I've given you 8 Ideas to go LIVE on Facebook Today

8 Things to Talk About on Facebook Live ⋆ Meg Brunson (2024)


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